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Academic Regalia - Cap and Gown Co.

Academic caps and gowns, graduation hoods, tassels, and more -- In Stock and Custom Made!

Cap and Gowns - Doctoral Tam and Tassel
ACADEMIC cap and tassel page

Looking for an academic cap and tassel? Mortarboard or PhD tam?

You've come to the right place!

We stock black velvet 4-sided -- 6-sided -- and 8 sided master's and doctoral tams with your choice of silky tassel or gold bullion metallic graduation tassel. Or we can make you a PhD tam using PhD blue velvet to match the velvet on our deluxe PhD gowns and hoods.

We also stock mortarboards in your choice of white, gold, royal blue, light blue, gray, purple, black, navy and maroon/burgundy.

Select your style and color, and the quantity you want to order.


Velvet Tams for doctors

Honor chords and stoles are also available.



Black Mortarboard - Graduation Cap and Tassel

Academic Cap ~ Mortarboard Shown above with JUMBO tassel.

White High School Graduation Cap and Gown and Tassel with Green Stole

White Mortarboard with Regular Academic Tassel





Pricing Mortarboards & Tassels
Mortarboard without tassel
Regular or Two Tone Tassel
Mortarboard & Tassel Set
100 or more Less 15%   

Regular Tassel (Single or Two Tone) is available with year date charm (i.e. 2005) at No Charge. Or without Year Date. Your choice.

Colors available:
White, gold, royal blue, light blue, gray, purple, black, navy and maroon/burgundy
Ordering info


Jumbo Tassels: Special Make -- Please allow 4-6 weeks. $6.75 each. Available in single or two tone - with or without year dates. Minimum order 144 (12 dozen).

Doctoral Tams - Master's Tams - PhD Tams Pricing
Master's Tams with black tassel 4 or 6 sided   
Doctoral Tam with Gold Two Button Tassel   
Doctoral Tam with Gold Two Button Bullion (metallic) Tassel   
Same as above but eight sided with purchase of gown   
Same as above but eight sided model without purchase of gown   
Any of above, but with PhD blue velvet in place of black velvet   
10 or more Less 15%   


Wardrobe consultant Morte' says:

Most average to tall men prefer the eight sided model tam

This is the most round looking tam, and is the best looking on large individuals of physical prowess.

Most average sized women and short to average size men tend to look best in the six sided model. The six sided tam is the most popular style, since it looks the best on most people.

Most short & stocky women tend to look best in the four sided tams, since it looks the least round.



High School Cap and Gowns with Honor Stoles and Tassels
High School Cap and Gowns in Royal Blue with Gold Honor Chords

Remember your honor accessories. Honor stoles and honor chords are available in gold.

Pricing for Academic Regalia Accessories
Gold honor stoles with "Honor" imprint
Gold honor stoles without imprint
Gold honor chords


Honor Stole and TasselsHonor Stole





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