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Custom-Made Doctoral
Gowns -- design it yourself, here!


 custom doctoral gown  

The Ultimate! 

A fully customized doctoral, Ph.D, or chancelor gown in your choice of fabrics, colors and styling.

When combined with our detailed tailoring and workmanship, the result is superior regalia as personal to you as the honor it represents.

Your choice of fabrics especially chosen for their beauty, durability and wrinkle resistance.


We can customize your gown by adding piping and giving you your choice of velvet color and fabric color.

Your choice of fabrics especially chosen for their beauty, durability and wrinkle resistance. Fabric choices include polyester, crepe, and tropical wool.

harvard doctoral gown
 U.C.L.A. Doctoral Gown  


Mortarboard and hood are made from same material as own.


For your tam, choose from black or matching velvet as your gown.

 brown university doctoral regalia  

Have an emblem?

We'll sew it on for you, so your gown is ready to wear as soon as it arrives.




Please note: As these doctoral gowns are individually made to order, please allow approximately +/- 8 weeks for delivery. If you would like to order one of these gowns, but cannot wait, we may be able to send you a loaner gown which you could then return, upon receipt of your custom gown.


Cost for customized gown is just $290 (same price as standard deluxe gown) plus which ever options you select.

Optionial custom options are priced as follows:

*Fabric color change (other than black) $75.00
*Fabric change to Regis / Majesty crepe (any color) $125.00
*Fabric change to Super 100's Tropical Wool (black only) $240.00
*Velvet change $30.00
*Piping $75.00

So for example, a gold gown with black velvet would cost $290.00 for the gown + $75.00 for the fabric color change = $365.00 and look like this:

johnshopkins PHD gown



a black gown with black velvet and light blue piping would cost $290.00 for the gown + $75.00 for the velvet change = $365.00 and look like this:


Ed.D. custom gown



An Ed.D. doctoral gown in black with light blue velvet and gold piping would cost $290.00 for the gown + $30.00 for the velvet change + 75.00 for the piping = $395.00 and look like this:




(same pricing as above for Hunter Green velvet & gold piping for MD;
Lilac with Gold piping for DDS; Purple Velvet with gold piping for JD, etc.)


Or stick with one of our in-stock doctoral gowns, such as our ever popular deluxe gown with gold piping (available with your choice of black-velvet or Ph.D. blue velvet).




Here's your chance to design your own custom gown:

First, select your the fabric you would like for your gown.

If unsure, leave "as is". You can always change this later.

Next select hood velvet color from the drop down box.

For non-PhD degrees, your hood velvet should be the color of your degree. So a Dentist would select lilac, a medical doctor hunter green, etc..

For PhD degrees, use PhD Blue regardless of the field of speciality of your PhD.

Then select the gown velvet (for the front of the gown) color from the drop down box.

If you would like your gown velvet to be the same color as your hood velvet, simply leave the check box checked.

If you would like a different gown color (front of gown), just uncheck the box, and use the drop down to select the color for the velvet of your gown panels.

For the sleeve velvet, it is much the same:

If you would like your sleeve velvet (the three velvet bars on each sleeve) to be the same velvet color as the front of the gown, simply leave the check box checked.

If you would like a different gown velvet for your sleeves, just uncheck the box, and use the drop down to select the color you prefer.

Finally the piping.

Simply choose whichever color piping you desire (gold, silver or light blue).

Of course you don't have to have piping on your gown. When you actually order your gown, you can choose to order a gown with or without piping, but for purposes of illustration, it was easier to create the custom gown designer with piping than without, since that is how most people order their custom gowns.

For that matter, you can elect to have 4 chevrons (velvet bars on each sleeve) instead of three, just that the program shows three since again, that is how most people order their gown and we wanted to design a program that would show give you a very good idea of what your gown would look like, even though due to all the possible variations of gowns, no program can show every single possibiltiy.


president of university gown


BTW, if for any reason you have trouble using this program, instead of shooting your computer, simply email us and tell us what color gown you're looking for, we'll run the program on our computer, and send you a copy back by email (as a .pdf printout).

Seriously though, most professor's who don't have challenged CPU's have no trouble with this program (we run it everyday on a 1.5 Ghz PowerBook G4 Laptop with no difficulty whatsoever), and in fact love the ability to view before purchase.

We hope you do too. Here goes and hope you enjoy :)



Gown Gown Fabric Color Hood / Degree Velvet Gown Velvet for Front Panels of Gown Gown Sleeve velvet Piping

Deluxe doctoral or PhD hoods with piping $145.00 or $130.00 without piping.

Deluxe tams (4 - 6 - or 8 sided models) in black velvet, with gold bullion tassel $92.00

Other than black velvet tams, please add $20.00

To order your academic regalia (doctoral regalia only), you can use our secure online order form at

or if you have questions, you can email us or call us directly at
412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696)

or you can fax us your order or question to either 412-421-2145 or 561-431-8172

or e-mail us

 makes it easy to order:


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